Delta State University
SOC 554 Sociology of the Mass Media
Summer II Semester 2007

Book Panels

On July 30, graduate students will participate in a Book Panel on Fighting for Air, by Eric Klinenberg.  Two or three students will be on each panel, and each panel will have approximately 45 minutes to discuss the book.  Panelists should come prepared with a series of questions about the book, which they can raise and discuss with other panel members.  The panelists should identify and critique the book's central argument, should evaluate the quality of the evidence, and should consider the effects the book and its content could have on our society.  Applying the sociological concepts presented in this course will also enhance the quality of the discussions.

Date Panel Member

July 30

  Panel 1

Carolyn Newsome
Wade Tackett
Eva Butler

July 30

  Panel 2

Jolana Gibbs
Roy Riley