Delta State University
SOC 422/522 COD 522 Environment and Society
Spring Semester 2007

Group Project
Groups and Tasks


Focus Group Members
Student Groups Efforts at Sustainability
in Student Organizations
(Practices, Campaigns, Organizations)
Juanita Sims
Chrystal Early
Lillie Williams
Ledonnis Norwood
Faculty Sustainability in the
Curriculum and in Courses
Angela Jenkins
Jackie Scott
Chiquita Turner
Candice Holland
Staff Sustainable Practices in
Campus Departments
Jolana Gibbs
Ruby Brady
David Tanner
Coday Anthony
Physical Plant
Feasibility in Implementing a
Sustainability Plan; Barriers
 to Implementation
Regan Hall
Michael Nienaber
Mallory Reves
James Jones
Student Survey Knowledge, Opinions and
Practices re: Sustainability
Marcie Moore
Mary Kathryn Wooten
Carolyn Newsome
Chris McDaniels
Crystal Browder