Delta State University

SOC 422/522 COD 522

Spring Semester 2004


Study Questions, Week 10


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Topics for the Week:


Plants & Animals; Environmental Justice


Readings for the Week:




McGowan, Alan H. 2003. Environmental justice for all. Environment 45(5):1.


Mohai, Paul. 2003. African American concern for the environment. Environment 45(5):1026.




Sapat, Alka, Jaap J. Vos, and Khi V. Thai. 2002. Environmental injustice: an emerging public policy issue. International Journal of Public Administration 25(2&3):143168.




(1)  What is meant by environmental justice?


(2)  What evidence refutes the assumption that people of color show little or no concern for the environment?  Is this evidence convincing?


(3)  What evidence exists to suggest that people of color are actively engaged in protecting the environment?  Is this evidence convincing?


(4)  Which environmental issues are most important to African Americans and other people of color?  Why are these issues important to these groups?


(5)  In what ways have African Americans influenced environmental policy?