SOC 522 COD 522
Environment and Society
Spring 2004

Paper/Discussion Leaders
on Research Articles

Week Date Reading Discussion Leader(s)
5 2/12

Bromley, Daniel W. 1989. Property relations and economic development: the other land reform. World Development 17(6):867–877.

 Dean Epps

Geisler, Charles. 1993. Ownership: an overview. Rural Sociology 58(4):532–546.

Aaron White
6 2/17

McNeely, Jeffrey A. 1994. Protected areas for the 21st century: working to provide benefits to society. Biodiversity and Conservation 3:390–405.

Katie Waller

Wright, R. Gerald and David J. Mattson. 1996. The origin and purpose of national parks and protected areas. In R.G. Wright (editor), National Parks and Protected Areas: Their Role in Environmental Protection. Cambridge, MA: Blackwell Science.

Kenyia Procter
9 3/9

Kummer, David M. and B.L. Turner II. 1994. The human causes of deforestation in Southeast Asia. BioScience 44(5):323–328.

Stephany Owens

Lynch, Owen J. 1998. Law, pluralism and the promotion of sustainable community-based forest management. Unasylva 49(3):52–56.

Jesse Strassburg
11 4/1

Ringquist, Evan J. 1993. Does regulation matter? Evaluating the effects of state air pollution control programs. Journal of Politics 55(4):1022–1045.

Arthur McGovern
Hockenstein, Jeremy B., Robert N. Stavins, and Bradley W. Whitehead. 1997. Crafting the next generation of market-based environmental tools. Environment 39(4):12–33. Soraya Cooper
14 4/20

Herremans, Irene M. and Robin E. Reid. 2002. Developing awareness of the sustainability concept. Journal of Environmental Education 34(1):16–20.

Jesse Strassburg

Cernea, Michael M. 1993. The sociologist’s approach to sustainable development. Finance & Development 30(4):11–13.

Jesse Strassburg
15 4/27 Population Reports. 2000. The Earth and its people/Toward a livable future. Population Reports 28(3).