Delta State University
SOC/COD 521 Sustainable Development
Fall Semester 2008

Teaching on Research
Discussion Leaders

Date Topic Articles Teacher

Teaching on Research 1

Nov. 17 What is
Sustainable Development?

Hopwood et al. (2005) Sustainable Development: Mapping Different Approaches

LaToya Beard

Parris and Kates (2003) Characterizing and Measuring Sustainable Development

Teaching on Research 2

Nov. 12

Land and Sustainable Development

Dale (1997) Land Tenure Issues in Economic Development

Carley Jefcoat

Lima et al. (2006) Searching for Sustainability: Forest Policies, Smallholders and the Trans-Amazon Highway

 Teaching on Research 3

Nov. 19

Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Nelson (1996) The Future of the National Forests Julie Green
Pauly et al. (2002) Towards Sustainability in World Fisheries

 Teaching on Research 4

Nov. 12

Work and Sustainable Development

Portney (2002) Taking Sustainable Cities Seriously

Michelle Byrd

McEvoy, Gibbs and Longhurst (2000) Assessing the Employment Implications of a Sustainable Energy System

 Teaching on Research 5

Nov. 19

Community and Sustainable Development

Michaelidou et al. (2002) The Interdependence of Ecosystem and Community Viability

Elliot Meador

Glasmeier (2005) Understanding Community Forestry