Delta State University
SOC/COD 521 Sustainable Development
Fall Semester 2006

Group Project
Preparing the Project Paper

The project paper in this course will consist of an introduction (2-3 pages) prepared by all group members, individual papers (8-10 pages) prepared by each group member, and a conclusion (2-3 pages) prepared by all group members.

The introduction should identify and describe the community, highlight the issues discussed in each of the individual papers, and present a vision for sustainable development in the community and Bolivar County.

The individual chapters should describe what activities were undertaken by the group members (under the direction of the author) to collect, analyze and interpret information and establish recommendations.  Each chapter should also describe how the information collected was compiled and presented in GIS.  Each paper should clearly state the dominant social, economic and environmental issues in the community and the refuge, and make recommendations for a strategy for sustainable development.

The conclusion should draw together the individual chapters and present a concrete set of group recommendations on how to integrate the various issues and develop a strategy for sustainable development.

You may also attach appendices to your group paper.  Appendices may include documentation to support the information in the paper and chapters, notations on the GIS aspects of the project, and the like.  Each topic or purpose should be included in a separate appendix.