Delta State University
SOC 421/521 COD 521
Fall 2006

How to Access Full Text Electronic Journals

From the Delta State Homepage (, click on the link for "Libraries" at the top of the page, or open up the DSU Library webpage directly (http://www/pages/177.asp).

From the DSU Library Service page, click on the link for "Full Text Electronic Journals."  This link is found at the left-hand side of the page, or, there is also a link just below the photo of the library.

Under "Browse E-Journals by Title," click on the letter that matches the first letter of the first word of the journal title.  Click through the links and scroll down the page to find the journal title.  Under the journal title, click on the link in green for the service that provides the article (e.g. "Academic Search Premier").

Click on the link for the appropriate year, volume and number for the journal you need, then scroll down and find the article title that you are searching for.  Click on the link for "PDF Full Text" or "HTML Full Text" to access the article.  You can download the article to your computer, print out a copy, or read the article on the website.