Delta State University


Fall 2004


Research Paper


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Select one of the topics we have studied this semester (e.g. the Rio conference, Agenda 21, or current issues in sustainable development), and prepare a 10-page essay based on your own research on this topic.  Focus your paper so that it treats one aspect of the topic in depth, and highlights the policy dimensions of the topic.


Process:  Visit the library or internet to find journal articles, news articles, and other material on your topic.  Narrow your topic to one specific question that highlights sustainable development aspects of the topic, using a practical or policy-oriented approach, as we have studied this semester.  Think of your essay as a policy analysis in which you consider the costs and benefits of your issue, as well as who benefits and who bears the costs.  Explain your issue, then consider the ramifications of this issue in terms of development, environment, sustainability, and community.  Develop an argument in your essay.


Submit:  A ten-page essay (10 or 12 point font, double-spaced, 1” margins), with appropriate citations and references.   Your paper should include about ten pages of text; your bibliography, title page and any appendices are in addition to the ten pages.


Due:  Dec. 1, 2004.  You may bring the essay to class on Nov. 29, or you may e-mail it or leave it in the professor’s mailbox before 5 p.m. on Dec. 1.  No late assignments will be accepted.