Delta State University
SOC 403/503 Social Problems
Spring Semester 2007

Social Problems in the News
Discussion Leaders

Week Date Topic Discussion Leader(s) Article

  Discussion 1

Jan. 22
Abortion as a
Social Problem
Chris Jones "Womb 'Smile' Fires Abortion Row" (, 9/14/03)
Coday Anthony "Anti-Abortion Extremist Apologizes to Slain Doctor's Wife" (AP, 1/10/07)

  Discussion 2

Jan. 29
Aging as a
Social Problem
Carly Malvezzi "World's Oldest New Mom Lied to Clinic"
(New York Times, 1/28/07)
Elizabeth Lowe None
Magan Goodchild "What is Human Aging?"
(Almost Home, 2004)

  Discussion 3

Feb. 5
Homosexuality, Prostitution and Pornography Tara Barnes "Gay Marriage Ban Advances"
(USA Today, 3/30/04)
Jennifer Holly "Prostitution and Why Liberals Would Like To Make the State the Biggest Pimp of All Constraints" (Daily Mail, 12/18/06)
Elizabeth Lowe None

  Discussion 4

Feb. 12
Alcohol and Drugs Mallory Reves "Why Teenagers Use - and Abuse - Alcohol and Other Drugs" (Partnership for a Drug-Free America, 2001)
Kimberly Yarborough "Teens Getting High on Legal Drugs" (, 12/21/06)
Jennifer Harlow "Drug Abuse is Quiet Scandal in America's Countrysides" (Christian Science Monitor, 9/16/96)
Dreifus Smith "Half of Pregnant Women Drink Alcohol" (Sydney Morning Herald, 2/12/07)

  Discussion 5

Feb. 19
Deviance, Crime
and Criminal Justice
Jeremy Miller "New Sentence Possible for '60-Day Child Rapist" (WorldNetDaily, 1/12/06)
Nicole Jones "Sex Crimes by Women Drawing More Notice" (St. Louis Post Dispatch, 3/26/03)
Kimberly Yarborough "Maurice Papon Dies: Convicted of Aiding Nazis" (, 2/17/07)

  Discussion 6

Feb. 26
Wealth and Poverty
as Social Problems
Elliot Meador "Poverty Tightens Grip on Mississippi Delta" (Washington Post, 7/17/04)
Logan Phillips None
Tereva McGee "America's Poor Get Poorer" (No Source Indicated, 2/25/07)
Felicia Harris None

  Discussion 7

Mar. 19
Stratification by
Race and Ethnicity

Brittany Young

"White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" (No Source or Date Indicated)

Tereva McGee "Gap in Black-White Life Expectancy Narows" (Washington Post, 3/16/07)
Chris McDaniels "Family Ties and the Entanglements of Caste" (No Source or Date Indicated)
Jennifer Holly "Disney Films Go From Snow White to a Black Princess" (The Times of London, 3/17/07)

  Discussion 8

Mar. 26
by Gender

Magan Goodchild

"Envisioning a Career Path with Pit Stops" (NY Times, 1/30/05)
Jennifer Harlow "The Girl Child: The Future Depends on Her" (InterAction, 11/24/04)
Elliot Meador

"Moto Settles Sex Discrimination Suit with Former Top Exec" (No Source, 3/9/07)

Teretha Mems "Transportation & Warehousing Jobs Women Don't Consider" (, No Date)

   Discussion 9

Apr. 2
Health Care as a Social Problem Teretha Mems "President Announces Medicaid Reform in Weekly Radio Address" (Washington Post, No date)
Felicia Harris "Young Adults are Fastest Growing Group of Uninsured" (No Source or Date)
Tomeka Shaw "No Right to Sue Re: Switch from Medicaid Part D" (CCH Health Care, 3/30/07)
LeDarren Starks "People Against a Universal Health Care Believe..." (No Source or Date)

   Discussion 10

Apr. 9
Population Growth and Food Security Tomeka Shaw "Problems with Agriculture Coincide with World Population Growth" (, 3/21/05)
Chris Jones "Contaminated Produce is Top Food-Poisoning Culprit" (Journal of Environmental Health, 9/04)
Chris McDaniels "It's Time to Fight Population Growth, Which Exacerbates Global Warming and Sprawl" (The Nation, 4/9/07)
Nicole Jones "Population Boom is Failure of Governments" (New Hamburg [Canada] Independent, 3/28/07)

   Discussion 11

Apr. 16
Environment and Natural Resources Mallory Reves "Traces of Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Other Compounds Turn Up in Streams and Wells" (High Country News, No date)
Coday Anthony "Boss Hog" (Rolling Stone)
Jeremy Miller "Court to Decide on Flood Project" (Memphis Commercial Appeal, No date)
LeDarren Starks "New Air Pollution Problems" (U.N. Earthwatch, No date)

   Discussion 12

Apr. 23
War and Terrorism Dreifus Smith "War on Terrorism" (Wikipedia, No date)
Tara Barnes "War is Not a Solution for Terrorism" (No source or date)
Brittany Young "House, Senate Negotiators Agree on War-Funding Bill" (Washington Post, 4/23/07)