Delta State University
SOC 101: Principles of Sociology
Fall Semester 2006

An Inconvenient Truth:
Extra Credit Opportunity


You can earn up to 3 points of extra credit in SOC 101 by viewing the film "An Inconvenient Truth," playing at various theaters around the Mississippi Delta and the country.

In order to earn extra credit, you must complete the following assignment:


(1)  See the film "An Inconvenient Truth"
(2)  Prepare a 1-page essay in which you:

        (a) Describe what the film was about

        (b) Discuss your reactions to the information portrayed in the film
(3)  Save your ticket stub and attach it to your paper


Submit your essay by Friday, December 1.


You can bring it to class and give it to the professor, or you can e-mail it to the professor at


As always, your essay should be typed following the standard norms.