Delta State University
SOC 101: Principles of Sociology
Fall Semester 2005

Study Questions, Week 8


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(1) What is meant by social control?  What are some forms of social control in U.S. society?


(2) What is the difference between conformity and obedience?  What are some positive and negative effects of conformity and obedience?


(3) What is meant by deviance?  What does it mean to say sociologists consider deviance to be relative?


(4) What is meant by stigma?  What effects might stigmas have on individuals?  On society?


(5) What role do social groups play in creating deviance?  In creating social control?


(6) Contrast functionalist, interactionist and conflict approaches to understanding deviance and social control.  What are some theories provided by each approach?


(7) What did Stanley Milgram learn about deviance and social control in his studies of negative reinforcement and learning?