Delta State University
SOC 101: Principles of Sociology
Fall Semester 2005

Study Questions, Week 5


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(1) Describe the key contributions to understanding social change in evolutionary theory, functionalist theory and conflict theory.


(2) How has technology shaped social change throughout human history?  Identify four technological innovations that led to substantial social change, and describe the societies each produced.


(3) How are computer technology and biotechnology producing social change in current society, and how might they provoke social change in the future?


(4) In what ways have technology affected culture, social control and social stratification?


(5) What is demography?  What are the key demographic variables?


(6) Explain Thomas Malthus' theory of population growth.  Why was Malthus opposed to growing populations?  What was Karl Marx's response?


(7) Explain the theory of demographic transition.  At each stage, describe demographic and social conditions.


(8) How has the population of the world changed throughout human history?  What factors contribute to population growth?  To a stable population?


(9) Draw on the theories of Malthus, Marx, and the demographic transition to describe the relationship between population and poverty.


(10) Given fertility patterns in the United States, should we be concerned about the population explosion?  Why or why not?