Delta State University
SOC 101: Principles of Sociology
Fall Semester, 2005

Book Review Instructions

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(1)  Choose a Book

Select one of the books on the book list.  Acquire a copy of the book.  The on-line book list has links to the publishers' websites for each book for your convenience
click on the book title.  You can purchase your book at any bookstore or any on-line site, or find it at a library.

(2)  Read a Professional Review or Your Book

Find and read a professional review of your book.  The review should come from a reputable source, such as an academic journal, a large newspaper, or a national magazine.

(3)  Title and Theme

Due: September 21, 2005.
Score: 2 points

Submit a sheet of paper with the title of your book, and a brief essay (1
2 paragraphs) in which you suggest what you think the sociological theme of your book is.  Then, provide a citation for the professional review that you read, and a brief (1 paragraph) synopsis of the review.  Attach a photocopy of the professional review that you read.

(4)  Read Your Book

Read your book.  Pay close attention to the sociological relevance of the book.  Consider how the themes we have discussed in class and the theories in your text are illustrated in your book.

(5)  Submit a Draft of Your Review

Due: November 2, 2005
Score: 6 points

Prepare a draft review of your book, in which you discuss the major themes of the book and relate them to topics we have studied in the course.  Your draft should be approximately 2 pages.

Bring two copies of your draft book review to class on November 2.  You will submit one draft to the instructor, and you will trade the other draft with another student in the class.

The instructor will read your draft book review and return comments on November 11, 2005.

(6)  Submit Comments on the Book Review Draft

Due:  November 11, 2005
Score: 4 points

Prepare comments on the other student's draft book review.  Your comments should help the student improve their review.  Include specific suggestions.  You should point out portions of the review that are not clear, and you should correct spelling and grammatical errors.  Your comments should occupy approximately one page.

Bring two copies of your comments to class on November 11.  You will return one copy to the student with whom you traded book reviews, and you will submit the other copy to the professor.

(7)  Submit a Final Copy of Your Book Review

Due:  November 21, 2005
Score: 10 points

Using the comments from the professor and from the other student, revise your draft, and submit a final copy by November 21.  Your final book review should be approximately 3 pages long.  Your review should discuss the dominant sociological theme, and illustrate this theme with examples from your book.

(8)  Book Discussion Panels

Score: 8 points

On November 28
December 2, 2005, we will have in-class panel discussions of the books that you have reviewed.  The panels will be organized by common themes, each will consist of 3 to 6 students, and each panel discussion will last approximately 20 minutes.  At the beginning of the panel discussion, each panel will be given a specific topic.  Panelists must discuss how this topic is represented in their books.  You should come prepared to discuss the themes in your book, and to report how they relate to the sociological themes presented in the course.