Delta State University
SOC 101: Principles of Sociology
Spring Semester 2005

Discussion Leaders

All readings are from Sociological Footprints, 9th edition

Week Date Reading Discussion Leader(s)
2 1/20 Chapter 2
"The Promise"
C. Wright Mills
Dominique Milton
Chapter 5
"An Invitation to Sociology"
Peter L. Berger
Angela Deblois
3 1/27 Chapter 12
"India's Sacred Cow"
Marvin Harris
Jacolby Tow
Philip Pearson
Chapter 13
"A Half Century of Mate Preferences"
David M. Buss, et al.
Brittany Boggan
4 2/3 Chapter 6
"Final Note on a Case of Extreme Isolation"
Kingsley Davis
Sophia Champion
Jennifer Williams
Chapter 10
"The Role of Gender Socialization in Anorexia Nervosa & Bulimia Nervosa"
Diane E. Taub, et al.
Damika Williams
Melissa Abbey
5 2/10 Chapter 15
"The Sounds of Silence"
Edward T. Hall, et al.
Melissa Guillory
Angie Libby
Chapter 16
"The Differences Between Men's and Women's Friendships"
Julia T. Wood
Adam Keysacker
Allie Libby
6 2/17 Chapter 19
"Money and the World We Want"
Andrew Hacker
Alicia Wynn
Rhonda Wright
Chapter 21
"Class, Not Race"
Richard Kahlenberg
Justin Turner
7 2/24 Chapter 51
"White Collar Crime"
Richard A. Ball
Dustin Jones
Chapter 54
"On Being Sane in Insane Places"
Carrie Moultrie
8 3/3 Chapter 20
"Upper-Class Power"
Harold R. Kerbo
Anna Feaster
Chapter 22
"No, Poverty Has Not Disappeared"
Herbert J. Gans
Audrey Fultz
9 3/10 Chapter 18
"An Introduction to McDonaldization"
George Ritzer
Hayden Wood
George Inmon
Chapter 55
"Rich Planet, Poor Planet"
Christopher Flavin
Keisha Horsley
10 3/17 Chapter 14
"Domestic Violence Against Women"
Ruth L. Fishbach, et al.
Tiffany Demming
Shambrika Fields
Chapter 46
"Discrimination and the American Creed"
Robert K. Merton
Tasha Franklin


11 3/31 Chapter 38
"Welfare Reform in America"
Diana M. Zuckerman
Brian Bilbro
Chapter 41
"If Hitler Asked You to Electrocute a Stranger, Would You? Probably"
Philip Meyer
Dustin Keyes
12 4/7 Chapter 23
"Family in Transition"
Arlene S. Skolnick, et al.
Meredith Daves
Chapter 35
"Religion in Post-Protestant America"
Peter L. Berger
Leigh Rooker
13 4/14 Chapter 27
"Learning the Student Role"
Harry L. Gracey
Carl Kraynak
Chapter 29
"Savage Inequalities"
Jonathan Kozol
Tiffanie Laforet
14 4/21 Chapter 56
"Next Doubling"
Jennifer D. Mitchell
Brent Bean
Chapter 57
"America's Cities"
Raymond L. Flynn
Mallorie Baird
15 4/28 Chapter 60
"The Postindustrial Society"
Daniel Bell
Jonathan Kimmons
Chapter 61
"Fourteen Forecasts for an Aging Society"
Sam L. Ervin
Martine Hawkins