Delta State University
Sociology 101
Spring Semester 2004

Study Questions
Week 8

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(1) What is meant by the term social structure?  What are the elements that comprise social structure?

(2)  What is meant by the term status?  What is a master status?  Provide some examples of statuses in your life.  Explain any cases of status inconsistency.

(3)  What is a role?  Identify typical roles in the following institutions:  family, church, school, government, military, economy.  What is meant by role strainRole conflict?

(4)  Distinguish primary from secondary groups.  Provide examples of primary and secondary groups in which you have participated.

(5)  What is meant by the term bureaucracy?  What characteristics distinguish bureaucracies from other types of organizations?  What are some of the benefits of bureaucracies as an organizational form?  What are some of the downsides to bureaucracies?

(6)  Explain Stanley Milgramís experiment.  What was he trying to show?  What did he learn from this experience?  According to Meyer, what was Milgramís most important finding from his experiments?  Would you agree with this finding?  Explain.

(7)  What role does authority play in society?  Is authority a positive or negative aspect of society?

(8)  What is a political action committee (PAC)?  Why do they exist, and what is their primary purpose?  Do they fulfill this function?

(9)  What is the difference between power and authority?  How is power held and maintained in our society?  What is the difference between political power and business power?

(10)  If Hitler asked you to electrocute a stranger, would you?  If a candidate for office asked you to donate money, would you?