Delta State University
Sociology 101
Spring Semester 2004

Study Questions
Week 4

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(1) What does the term empirical refer to?  How does this concept relate to sociology?

(2)  What did Max Weber mean by inconvenient facts?  Why are they inconvenient?

(3)  What is meant by the term ethnocentrism?  Does ethnocentrism apply only to foreigners?

(4)  What are some indicators that suggest ethnocentric attitudes?  What are some positive and negative consequences of ethnocentrism?

(5)  What does the term culture shock mean?  Under what circumstances is one likely to experience culture shock?  How would one know that she is experiencing culture shock?

(6)  Explain how a social scientist might address the issue of ethnocentrism in his own work.

(7)  What is meant by cultural context?  How does cultural context affect behavior?

(8)  What does the Hacker reading tell you about the cultural context of the United States today?  How does this context differ by social class?

(9)  How does the cultural context differ in rich and poor countries?  What values are expressed in each context?

(10)  McIntyre notes that sociology may make those unwilling to question authority uncomfortable.  Does modernization therefore make people more accepting of sociology’s lessons?