Delta State University
Sociology 101
Spring Semester 2004

Study Questions
Week 2

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(1)  Identify the following sociologists and their contribution to the discipline:

C. Wright Mills
Robert Merton
Peter Berger

(2)  What is meant by the term “the sociological imagination?”  What role do “biography” and “history” play in exercising the sociological imagination?  What advantages are gained from exercising one’s sociological imagination?

(3)  According to Mills, what is the difference between issues and troubles?  What factors help us formulate issues and troubles?

(4)  According to Berger, what are important questions that sociologists ask in any social situation?  Why do sociologists ask these and not other questions?

(5)  Would you consider Berger a functionalist or a conflict theorist?  Find evidence in his article to support your position.

(6)  What is meant by the term “institutional racism?”  How does this differ from bigotry or personalized racism?  Can you think of examples of institutional racism that you have witnessed in your life?

(7)  What is meant by a manifest function?  By a latent function?  Can you identify manifest and latent functions of the following activities?:

Attending a DSU football game with your neighbors
Singing in a church choir
Voting in a presidential election
Having dinner at KC’s restaurant
Wearing overalls to class

(8)  What does McIntyre mean when she says sociologists are skeptical?  Why is this an important value in sociology?