Delta State University
Sociology 101
Spring Semester 2004

Study Questions
Week 15

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(1)  What do you think the word community means?  What aspects of community transcend place?

(2)  What are the important elements that create a community?  Identify ways in which a sense of community is transmitted from one generation to the next.

(3)  Taulbert discusses eight values that he thinks build strong communities.  How are each of these represented in communities to which you have belonged?

(4)  Of the eight values Taulbert discusses, which do you believe is the most important for strong communities?  Why?

(5)  Can you identify other values, besides those identified by Taulbert, that are important in strong communities?

(6)  What does community mean in American society today?  Do you think most Americans share the values identified by Taulbert?

(7)  What elements of American culture and society operate to build strong communities, and what elements act to repress or inhibit the creation of strong communities?  What can citizens do to maintain a sense of community in their lives?