Delta State University
Sociology 101
Spring Semester 2004

Study Questions
Week 12

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(1) What is meant by stratification?  What characteristics do members of the upper strata possess?  What characteristics do all systems of stratification have in common?

(2)  What is meant by legitimating rationales?  Why are these important in stratification?

(3)  What characteristics are typical of a caste system?  Explain the elements of India’s caste structure, and how these elements contribute to legitimating the system.

(4)  What characteristics are typical of an estate system?  Explain the elements of England’s feudal estate system, and how these elements contributed to legitimating the system.

(5)  What characteristics are typical of a class system?  What aspects of modern society favor the development of a class system?

(6)  Distinguish Marx’s and Weber’s theories of class systems in modern society.  What is the basis of social class, according to each?

(7)  What are the characteristics that define slavery?  How does slavery come about, and how is it perpetuated?

(8)  What is meant by social mobility?  Distinguish four types of social mobility.  How common is social mobility in caste, estate, and class systems?

(9)  What role does education play in forming and perpetuating social class?  Provide examples that illustrate how education occurs in different social classes.

(10)  Some of the starkest examples of social stratification are found in developing countries.  What factors lead to social inequality in developing countries such as Brazil and the Philippines?  Provide examples of how the rich and poor live in these countries, and what can be done to address inequalities.