Sociology 101
Principles of Sociology
Spring 2004

Discussion Leaders

Week Date Reading Discussion Leader(s)
2 1/22  (2) C. Wright Mills, "The Promise"  
 (5) Peter L. Berger, "An Invitation to Sociology"  
3 1/29  (21) Richard Kahlenberg, "Class, Not Race"   Jamison Donald
 (22) Herbert J. Gans, "No, Poverty Has Not Disappeared"   Demanesse Humphries
4 2/5  (19) Andrew Hacker, "Money and the World We Want"   Mason Dean
 (62) Ronald Inglehart et al., "Modernization's Challenge to Traditional Values: Who's Afraid of Ronald McDonald?"   Alonzo Jones
5 2/12  (1) Emile Durkheim, "What Is a Social Fact?"   Latrina Simon
 (4) Earl Babbie, "The Practice of Social Research"   Lucy Johnson
6 2/19  (15) Edward T. Hall et al., "The Sounds of Silence"   Latrina Simon
 (16) Julia T. Wood, "The Differences Between Women's and Men's Friendships"   Lucy Johnson
7 2/26  (12) Marvin Harris, "India's Sacred Cow"   Pam Hendrix
 (13) David M. Buss et al., "A Half Century of Mate Preferences: The Cultural Evolution of Values"   Demanesse Humphries
8 3/4  (41) Philip Meyer, "If Hitler Asked You to Electrocute A Stranger, Would You? Probably"   Pam Hendrix
 (42) Dan Clawson et al., "Money Changes Everything"   Mason Dean
9 3/11  (18) George Ritzer, "An Introduction to McDonaldization"   Jamison Donald
 (23) Arlene S. Skolnick et al., "Family in Transition"   Alonzo Jones
10 3/25  (6) Kingsley Davis, "Final Note on a Case of Extreme Isolation"   Yvonne Mackin
 (27) Harry L. Gracey, "Learning the Student Role: Kindergarten as Academic Boot Camp"   Jake Zbydniewski
11 4/1  (51) Richard A. Ball, "White Collar Crime"   Lindsay Lewis
 (54) D.L. Rosenhan, "On Being Sane in Insane Places"   Jake Zbydniewski
12 4/8  (29) Jonathan Kozol, "Savage Inequalities: Children in America's Schools"   Yvonne Mackin
 (55) Christopher Flavin, "Rich Planet, Poor Planet"   Sonja Simon
13 4/15  (20) Harold R. Kerbo, "Upper-Class Power"   Natalie Dean
 (48) Joan Moore et al., "In the Barrios: Latinos and the Underclass Debate"   Sonja Simon
14 4/22  (10) Diane E. Taub et al., "The Role of Gender Socialization in Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa"   Lindsay Lewis
 (49) Elijah Anderson, "Code of the Street: Decent and Street Families"   Natalie Dean