Delta State University
SOC 101: Principles of Sociology
Fall Semester 2004

Discussion Leaders

Week Date Reading Discussion Leader(s)
2 9/3 Rachel L. Swarns. "'African-American' Becomes a Term for Debate." New York Times, August 29, 2004 Alexandra Goodman
Jessica Allen
Mary Jordan. "From War-Torn to Wonderland." Washington Post, August 29, 2004 Kemisha Gaddy
Rhetta Aiken
3 9/10 Elaine Ganley. "French Students Face New Head Scarf Ban." Miami Herald, September 2, 2004    and
"Liberté, Égalité, Head Scarves." Christian Science Monitor, September 2, 2004
Mary Dorr
Whitney Owen
Bonnie Obremski. "Wish You Were Here 'stead of Me." Los Angeles Times, August 31, 2004 Shane Hays
Walter Webster
4 9/17 Walter Bernstein. "Commentary: Between 'Us' and 'Them,' Suspicion Poisons the Air." Los Angeles Times, September 9, 2004 Jenna Jackson
Katie Thomas
Jessica Yadegaran. "Piling On." Contra Costa Times, September 9. 2004 Stephanie Scott
Heather Perry
5 9/24 Sally Jenkins. "Minus a Star, Mystics Learn to Add More of Themselves." Washington Post, September 16, 2004 Nick Turnage
Mark McKee
Mark Rice-Oxley. "Common Currency? New Flag? Nope. Try Golf to Unify Europe." Christian Science Monitor, September 17, 2004 Seth Adams
Darren Hardesty
6 10/1 Chris Jordan. "Eyepatches: In-Your-Face Prop Proves Eye-Catching." Jackson Clarion-Ledger, September 21, 2004 James Richards
Samuel Merlin
Lawrence Buser. "Freed Inmate Wants $1 Million." Memphis Commercial Appeal, September 23, 2004 Amber Wasson
Matt Breazeale
7 10/8 Griff Witte. "Poverty Up as Welfare Enrollment Declines." Washington Post, September 26, 2004 Iesha Tims
Martha Jordan
Knight Ridder News. "CEO Pay Continues to Increase Despite Debate and Regulations." Billings Gazette, July 2, 2004 Trey Banks
Jon Cates
8 10/15 Emily Wax. "Wells of Life Run Dry for Sudanese." Washington Post, August 22, 2004 Jonathan Wiggins
Daryl Burton
Maria Dolan. "For Safe Breast Milk, Clean Up Environment." Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 7, 2004 April Veal
Stacey Freeman
9 10/22 FALL BREAK
10 10/29 Kevin Sack. "Chasing Terrorists or Fears?" Los Angeles Times, October 24, 2004 Kristina Cooke
Anna Bernasek. "Counting the Hidden Costs of War." New York Times, October 24, 2004 Tamika Hill
11 11/5 No Discussion
12 11/12 Yilu Zhao. "Beyond 'Sweetie.'" New York Times, November 7, 2004 Kim Oldham
Marilyn Gardner. "Changing Habits, Expanding Waistlines." Christian Science Monitor, November 3, 2004 Sophia Champion
13 11/19 Oliver August. "Twin Tactics by Chinese Undermine One Child Law." London Times, November 8, 2004 Joshua Black
Laura DiBetta. "The Environment Is Also a Population Issue." Albany Times-Union, November 5, 2004 Stephen Bush